Exercise: Is less more?

Life Hack: Less is more when it comes to exercise and workouts if you have chronic fatigue

In the years I was going from doctor to doctor in Mayo, the conclusion was that the reason I was so tired was because I wasn’t exercising enough. Now, of course exercise is extremely important and everyone needs some form of it, but for those of us who struggle with chronic fatigue or something similar, it’s more about how we exercise.

Leading up to the doctor visits, I was involved in numerous sports like swimming, soccer, and track and loved it. But eventually I noticed I wasn’t performing as well and getting slower times. Eventually I just quit all together because I didn’t have enough energy. That’s when I started seeing doctors. For some time, I tried exercising more, like the doctors said, but it made me even more tired. I did HIIT workouts, ran, lifted weights, and other similar things and the harder I worked out, the less energy I had, unlike what my doctors told me would happen.

Instead of completely giving up on exercise, I started doing more low intensity workouts such as walking, biking, yoga, etc. Let me tell you, it has helped significantly. It also relieves a lot of pressure I was putting on myself that in order to feel better, I had to exercise harder. I started doing things that I enjoyed, like taking my dog for walk, which helped improve my physical health as well as my mental health. An article states, “Throw the idea of “no pain, no gain” out the window! Trust your body when it gives you signals that it’s time to stop. Also, monitor how you feel afterward. Did you have an upswing in symptoms in the day or two following exercise? If so, you may need to scale back.”

Check out this link for more details on this topic and for exercise ideas.


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4 responses to “Exercise: Is less more?”

  1. I’m really struggling with getting enough exercise without increasing my pain. My migraine spikes with almost any exercise, even low impact, or chair yoga. I’ll keep searching for something, it’s discouraging though. I’ll go read your link right now.


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